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20 February 2017 at 09:56 BST

India seeks lawyers to represent child sexual abuse survivors

iProbono is looking to constitute a panel of lawyers willing to do pro bono legal work and help secure justice for survivors of child sexual abuse from low-income backgrounds.

Jiri Flogel

Two years ago March, iProbono constituted a panel of practicing lawyers from the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court to provide legal representation to survivors of child sexual abuse.

Since then 28 children have been represented by the panel. Of those cases 40 per cent of the accused were family members and 60 per cent acquaintances.


It is preferred that lawyers interested in participating have experience in handling criminal matters, public law matters or sexual abuse matters.

At present, lawyers who can represent children before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court are sought.

Panel plans

The panel will consist of 15 advocates with experience of over five years in drafting, filing and appearing before the High Court. Of these 15 advocates, the panel is seeking to add at least seven advocates with more than 15 years of experience.

Deadline for applications in March 3.


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