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13 March 2017 at 10:21 BST

Irish law firms making millions from state claims agency

The Irish claims agency paid some €37 million to legal representatives in negligence cases last year. Two firms did particularly well receiving at least €5 million each from the State Claims Agency.


A range of Irish law firms benefited from the work with some of Ireland's top law firms featured in the list. However, the two companies topping the list specialise in medical negligence cases - €5.7 million was paid to Wicklow firm Augustus Cullen Law and €5 million to Cork firm Ernest Cantillon - part of a total payout of €37 million to firms representing clients taking negligence cases against the state in 2016. The amount was a 15 per cent increase on the €32 million paid out to plaintiffs’ firms in 2015. Callan Tansey Solicitors received €2 million and Sheridan Quinn receiving €910,850 in fees.

Agency representatives

The amount paid out to legal firms representing the agency in cases increased by 13 per cent, from €13.2 million to €15.3 million. Hayes Solicitors and Mason Hayes & Curran Solicitors each received €3 million, with Ronan Daly Jermyn receiving €2.2 million and Comyn Kelleher Tobin Solicitors receiving €1.3 million.

Carefully reviewed

In reply to a parliamentary question the Irish Minister for Finance,  Mr Michael Noonan said: ‘The level of legal costs paid to plaintiffs’ legal representatives is carefully reviewed and, wherever possible and by means of negotiations, the SCA seeks to achieve the maximum possible reduction in legal costs.’



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