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Italian companies cough up for competition authority

By Megan Malloy

20 September 2012 at 12:38 BST

Italy's top corporations and limited liability companies are to be hit with a new fee to finance the country's competition authority, Rome announced recently.

Rome: new corporate tax

Rome: new corporate tax

The revenue collected from the new tax – which will be applicable companies with annual revenues greater than €50 million -- will go towards financing the Italian Antitrust Authority.
The fee amount due for 2013 is 0.08 per thousand of revenues as stated in the companies’ most recent financial statements.
The amount will range from a minimum of €4,000 to a maximum of €400,000.
After 2013, the authority can modify the fee amount and criteria for determining it, provided it does not exceed 0.5 per thousand of relevant ‘total revenues’. 


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