07 February 2014

Law firms circle around Heenan Blaikie

At least one law firm is expected to be set up by the former partners of Canadian practice Heenan Blaikie which was wound up this week. Meanwhile DLA Piper is in talks with around 70 lawyers.

By Neasa MacErlean

Plans for new firm by the former partners of Canadian practice Heenan Blaikie erandamx

As The Global Legal Post went to press, at least 16 lawyers from the Vancouver office were planning to launch a new firm called Gall, Legge, Grant and Munroe whilst DLA Piper is looking to launch its first office in Canada on the back of the soon to be defunct law firm. The new  firm - founded by Peter Gall, John Legge, Robert Grant and Craig Munroe - would be a litigation and employment-specialist firm, according to Geoff Plant, one of the Heenan Blaikie partners. He is expected to be a counsel in the new firm. Mr Plant said: 'Obviously what happened was pretty sad news for the national firm. It’s not the story that we wanted, but if we are going to have to live in this world after Heenan Blaikie, I think the lawyers in Vancouver are all going to find opportunities here that will help make sure they continue to do good work for their clients. Meanwhile, DLA Piper has been talking to around 70 of the firm's lawyers and could take over some of the Heenan Blaikie's offices. 'Source: Times Colonist

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