Lawyer on trial amid prison smuggling claims

By James Barnes

15 April 2013 at 10:33 BST

An Edinburgh solicitor has gone on trial after allegedly smuggling mobile phones and drugs into a prison.

Lawyer denies smuggling charges

The Scotsman reports that David Blair Wilson, 55, last week denied the charges and shifted the blame onto another party, launching a special defence of incrimination at the High Court in Edinburgh.

Mobile phones

Mr Wilson faces nine charges, all said to have been committed at HMP Saughton on 6 October 2011 during a visit to inmate Lee Brown, in his capacity as a solicitor.
The allegations include attempts to bring into the prison three mobile phones, three SIM cards, two chargers and two earphones, which all prohibited articles under the 1989 Prisons (Scotland) Act.
Drugs are also included in the allegations, with the indictment claiming that the lawyer also had cannabis resin and diazepam, along with plastic syringes.
The trial continues.


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