Lawyers accused of African public body fraud

By Megan Malloy

20 November 2012 at 13:43 BST

Pretoria-based law firm Ramulifho is being investigated for allegedly defrauding the Pan South African Language Board by inflating invoices.

Pretoria: law firm caught in fraud allegations

Ramulifho was instructed to advise the board and conduct disciplinary cases for the organisation, which is governed under the Department of Arts and Culture, the IOL News website reports.

Forensic audit

Consultancy firm Ntumba and Associates discovered an alleged fraud of some R1.2m (£85,000) after a forensic audit and urged government officials to take action against the firm.
‘It is our opinion that Ramulifho did forge or tamper with the advocates’ invoices, which in our view is equivalent to fraud,’ said Ntumba president Melusi Ntumba.
The board’s head of legal, Sam Jafta, said that while fraud charges against Ramulifho are being pursued, there is no evidence that the contract was granted by his organisation fraudulently.
‘However, should there be evidence that there was complicity on any part of PanSALB employees, appropriate action would be taken,’ said Mr Jafta.


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