Lawyers to benefit from Obama immigration plan

By James Barnes

21 February 2013 at 13:17 BST

Plans in the US to provide work permits and a 'path to citizenship' through a new immigration plan could create a wealth of billing opportunities for lawyers, reports yesterday suggested.

President Obama: leaked plan

President Barack Obama’s plan, which was leaked on Sunday, would give immigrants many new legal rights, which in turn would provide ample opportunities for lawyers, reports The Daily Caller.


One section would allow illegal immigrants who have committed crimes to stay in the country until their courtroom appeals are settled, which could be years after their deportation was ordered.
According to the report, the immigration rewrite is being pushed by the American Immigration Lawyers Association which helped create the immigration council.

Immigration policy

If the law is passed, the association’s 12,000 members would pick up work guiding clients through the new complexity as well as helping clients win work visas and American citizenship.
The White House’s lawyer-friendly draft shows that it ‘has outsourced the formation of immigration policy to the American Immigration Lawyers Association,’ said Steve Camarota, the research director of the Centre for Immigration Studies.


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