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08 March 2017 at 10:22 BST

Mexico opens US legal aid centres to fight back at Trump deportation plans

In an historic move Mexico has opened legal aid centres at consulates in 50 US cities in efforts to protect its citizens from President Trump's vows of tough immigration enforcement.


Mexican citizens who feel that their rights in the US are under threat from tough new legislation and may well find themselves facing deportation after years of living in the country, can now avail of free legal assistance at the centres. However, while Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray reiterated concerns about the human rights of Mexicans in the US he made it clear that the legal aid centres would not advocate illegality. The move follows immigration guidelines issued last month by President Donald Trump who ordered federal agents to join local police and immigration officers to enforce deportation procedures.


President Trump has also retained his commitment, outlined throughout his presidential campaign, to build a wall to thwart illegal Mexican immigrants from entering the US. His vision is to construct a barrier spanning some 2000 miles and remains insistent that neighbouring Mexico will foot the bill – a plan vehemently opposed by its political establishment. It is thought there are a total of 11 million illegal immigrants in the US – with the largest number, six million Mexican.


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