US ponders cyber attack prosecutions

By Julia Duke

20 June 2013 at 11:15 BST

US authorities are considering whether or not to bring cases against foreign officials who are responsible for the escalating cyber attacks targeting US businesses and government information.

Foreign hackers threaten US security

Recently, the justice department’s national security division has associated these attacks with the Chinese military. The department has now started prepping prosecutors on how to take legal action, according to the Financial Times. Charging a company, ultimately, results in the company becoming unable to conduct business in the US and Europe.

Tracking threats

The FT adds, however, that the US’s own cyber invasion involving the National Security Agency may have muddied the waters.
President Barack Obama confronted China on these cyber issues in order to protect national security and limit these attacks at a recent June summit. Former chief of cyber intelligence for the FBI Steve Chabinsky told the FT that these indictments are sensible because tracking these threats has become easier.


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