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Lisa Rickard has served as president of the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform since March 2003, from which she is involved in the Coalition to Curb Global Forum Shopping, which seeks to stop the import of foreign lawsuits to US courts and to stem the export of US-style litigation features to other countries. Since March 2010, she has also served as executive vice president of the US Chamber. Previously, she was a vice president for federal and state government affairs at the Dow Chemical Company. Ms Rickard was also previously a partner at Washington DC law firm Akin Gump


US Chamber attacks UK litigation funding

UK companies must avoid the worst excesses of US litigation culture,says Lisa Rickard of the US Chamber Institute for Legal Reform in reponse to Nick ....


Unregulated litigation funding -- an Aussie import we can do without

US corporates have declared war on third party litigation funding in the UK. Lisa Rickard demands a code of conduct....


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