06 March 2019

Dentons on best behaviour

Dentons Launches its new NextTalent, programme to bring behavioural science research and innovation into the firm's talent management.


Dentons has launched an innovative talent development program, NextTalent. The program will support its lawyers and professionals’ career goals, by focusing on the capabilities needed to be successful in the law firm of the future.

Behavioural science

NextTalent brings together the firm’s focus on innovation, fueled by its Nextlaw Labs and behavioural science research. The core areas are leadership, team development, mindfulness, emotional intelligence and resilience. The aim is to apply these elements to enable every lawyer and professional in the firm to develop and unlock human potential in the digital era. Joe Andrew, global chairman of Dentons, said “the fourth industrial revolution is connecting digitisation, neuroscience, and human behavioral insights. NextTalent recognises that to assist people to meet their professional aspirations it is more important to develop our talent than it is the tools our talent uses.’


Across the firm Dentons has already implemented other talent development approaches., which NextTalent is to builds on and enable leading practices to be shared across the firm. Jay Connolly, global chief talent officer at Dentons, said ‘by leveraging Dentons’ scale, we are able to accelerate our ability to develop talent in a tailored way in a profession which is increasingly characterized as both stressful and challenging.’ Dentons say NextTalent is underpinned with a ‘skunkworks’ mindset, experimenting and testing solutions across the firm.

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