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29 May 2013

EU to apply pressure to Google's antitrust proposals

European competition regulators are 'almost 100 per cent' likely to ask Google to revise its proposals in an on-going antitrust tug-of-war.

By James Barnes

Google: EU regulator prepares response

Despite some concessions by Google, which was accused of favouring its own services through its all-conquering search engine results, EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia told European parliamentarians that it was a near-certainty that Google would have to revise its proposals.

'Improve propsals'

Gigaom reports that when referring to the extended period that Google’s rivals have been given to formally respond to the proposals, Mr Almunia said: ‘We will analyse the responses we have received, we will ask Google, probably, I cannot anticipate this formally, almost 100 per cent we will ask Google: you should improve your proposals.’
The proposals – revealed by Google in March – drew criticism almost instantly from British comparison website Foudem which claimed the proposals would not change the alleged bias in Google’s search returns.
The European Commission’s original deadline of 26 May for responses to Google’s concessions has been pushed back to 27 June.

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