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17 December 2018

Law firm consoritum completes Reynen Court investment

Tech start-up Reynen Court announceds the completion of a Series A investment round from 'aligned investors.'


Reynen Court, a technology startup building a services automation platform for the legal industry, has recieved financing from Clifford Chance, Latham & Watkins and Prins H, an affiliate of Andrew D. Klein, the company’s founder and chief executive officer.

Aligned investors

A consortium of law firms, co-chaired by Clifford Chance and Latham & Watkins, is supporting the development and launch of the platform. Paul Greenwood, chief information officer at Clifford Chance along with Ken Heaps, chief information officer at Latham & Watkins, will join the Reynen Court board of directors. Mr Klein said, ‘both of these great firms have provided incredible strategic support since our inception,” adding ‘we could not imagine more valuable, aligned investors.’ Reynen Court aims to make it easy, secure, and efficient for law firms to deploy heavy computing applications.

The missing link

Reynen Court will use the funds to hire more engineers and product managers and also put in place experienced account and deployment managers as it prepares to launch pilots with members of the consortium. Mr Greenwood said, ‘technology is playing an increasingly important role in our drive to service our clients in a way that is ever quicker, simpler, more efficient, and more robust. As the new wave of technologies enter the legal market, we need to consider how firms and clients can access them in a secure and integrated manner. We see Reynen Court as the missing piece of this.’

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