02 January 2015

Lawyers prepare for post-Christmas divorce rush

UK lawyers are gearing up for a busy time next week even though more couples are expected to represent themselves or use online systems.

Divorce spike expected in UK

Even if some have wondered whether the post-festive season rush to begin divorce proceedings was an invention of the media, some law firms say that they do indeed see a marked increase in calls for advice. Liz Allen of Stephens Scown in Exeter said: 'We usually see a spike in new divorce instructions in the first full working week after New Year. It seems that for some the stress of Christmas, family arguments and the financial pressures that many families feel at this time of year can trigger a couple to seek divorce.'

Withdrawal of Legal Aid

She advises against couples representing themselves and says she has seen people who end up paying more when they have not managed to sort out all the issues themselvs and have had to call in lawyers later. She said: 'The withdrawal of Legal Aid for most family law cases has had a significant impact on some couples who have opted to represent themselves or use on-line divorce websites in an effort to save money.' Source: West Morning News

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