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01 May 2019

Legal robotics partnership aims for the next level

Deloitte Legal teams with UiPath to target legal firms. You can find more robotics law in the Robotics Law Journal.


Deloitte Central Europe is announcing the expansion of Deloitte Legal’s Center of Excellence (CoE), based in Bucharest, to support clients and Deloitte Legal professionals around the world in delivering innovative legal technology solutions.

Increased demands

Among the first examples of how the Deloitte Legal CoE is expanding its legal technology capabilities is the teaming arrangement with UiPath, a global robotic process automation (RPA) provider. Together both organizations will assist clients to design, develop, and implement cutting edge robotic and cognitive automation (RCA) solutions. “Making better use of advanced technologies will be crucial as increased demands are placed on the legal function,” says Piet Hein Meeter, Deloitte Global managing director, Deloitte Legal. “Together, Deloitte Legal and UiPath will provide automation solutions to enable organizations to maximize efficiency, reduce cost, and free lawyers’ time to work more closely with the organization as a trusted business partner.”

Next level

“Legal departments and law firms are in the unique position to take RPA to the next level in its evolution by designing innovative legal processes that are far more complex than simple repetitive tasks. UiPath’s Legal Automation Program is first of a kind in the RPA space and is a testament to the unforeseen opportunities RPA can have. Automating legal, compliance and other regulatory mandatory processes will impact the way we think about compliance with law and will shift the perception that legal compliance delays business opportunities and instead is actually driving them,” says Vasile Tiple, UiPath deputy general counsel. “The foundation of our legal automation program is UiPath’s automation first principle and its own legal robots that already execute several critical legal and compliance processes for the company with an awesome efficiency, accuracy and speed.”

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