22 May 2013

Luxury brands head to London summit

A clutch of luxury brands is gearing up for tomorrow's Luxury Law Summit to address challenges posed by imitation goods.

By James Barnes

Gucci: luxury brands to attend law summit

Although several major decisions have recently swung in favour of luxury giants, cases involving brands such as Richmont and Cartier are ‘merely symbolic’, a report by luxury website Billionaire suggests, when compared with the vast network of groups and individuals producing imitation goods.


Tomorrow’s event, hosted in London by the Global Legal Post and the International Herald Tribune, is set to bring together the legal departments of top brands to assess the problems caused by counterfeit products.
Several anti-counterfeit technologies are set to be highlighted in the discussions, including track-and-trace capabilities, which are increasingly integrated into products or labels.
An increase in the monitoring of auction sites, third-party sites, social media and business-to-business trading platforms will also be central to the discussions.

Brand reputation

Daniela Della Rosa, global head of legal and corporate affairs at Gucci, told the website that intellectual property issues ‘haven’t changed much over the years’ even though the amount of fake products available has greatly risen.
For many, the key to driving down counterfeiting and protecting brand reputation will be addressing manufacturing in developing countries.

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