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03 February 2014

Mexican lawyers make film to prove miscarriage of justice

Mexican lawyers Layda Negrete and Roberto Hermandez have made a film to prove how an innocent man was convicted of murder.

By Neasa MacErlean

A Mexican film depicting a miscarriage of justice has seen the man released from prison Alper Eris

They have now just cleared another hurdle. They were sued by relatives of the man who had been killed. However, a judge has just found in their favour. Had they lost, they faced damages claims of some US$225m. According to media reports, the lawyers were accused of being responsible for creating 'moral damage' which the dead man's relatives suffered - when the details for his killing were spelt out in the film. One relative brought the claim because - although he says the film was accurate - he did not give his permission to be included in it. 


The man who was wrongly accused of the murder served two years in jail and was only released after the lawyers' film, explaining the sequence of events, was made. Javier Quijano, the lawyer representing the two lawyers, said: 'A precedent has been set ... this was a report, a work of investigative journalism and it's protected by laws guaranteeing freedom of expression in our country.' Source: Fox News

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