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11 October 2016

New Amazon series asks if BigLaw has gotten too big

Co-written and co-created by Jonathan Shapiro, a former federal prosecutor and former of counsel at Kirkland & Ellis, 'Goliath' stars Hollywood actor Billy Bob Thornton as a disgraced lawyer in Los Angeles.

By Victoria Basham


His character works on the plaintiff’s side, having been expelled from one of the largest corporate law firms in the world, and Bloomberg describes the story as ‘a fictional meditation on the differences between working as a sole practitioner versus working for a global powerhouse firm.’

High cost

In an interview with Bloomberg, Mr Shapiro said he wanted to make a show about the high cost of civil justice, and how the legal profession has changed in recent years with the emergence of global corporate law firms.

Law has become a corporate power unto itself … it’s become this monolithic force,’ he commented.

The eight-episode series is available on Amazon from 14 October. 

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