16 April 2013

Rig leader denies Deepwater responsibility

BP's Macondo well team leader has testified that he was not responsible for the explosion which sent millions of barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico after lawyers claimed that he cut corners.

By James Barnes

BP: well leader plays down role

John Guide yesterday told US District Judge Carl Barbier during the non-jury trial that he did not  think his actions caused the blowout, and he couldn’t have done anything differently anyway, reports Bloomberg.

Well stabilizers

It had been claimed that Mr Guide had control over several key drilling decisions which heightened the chances of an explosion, including forgoing extra well stabilizers. However Mr Guide said the contentious decisions were made by other BP officials.
Lawyers representing the US and spill victims alleged that the company cut corners and disregarded safety procedures as the project was over-budget and falling behind schedule.
Mr Guide was pressed by Robert Cunningham – a lawyer representing those affected by the spill – who suggested the well leader must take some responsibility.


‘None of these things occurred as a result of anything you as well team leader did or didn’t do, it was somebody else, right?’ Mr Cunningham asked. ‘Well, I don’t know, you know, what the conclusion was, but it wasn’t me,’ Mr Guide replied.
‘So Mr Guide, the rig, for which you were accountable for safety and operations, explodes, sinks and 11 people die, and you had nothing to do with it?’ the lawyer asked. ‘That’s right,’ the supervisor said.
Mr Guide’s testimony came during the eighth week of a trail in which Judge Barbier is set to determine the scale of liability BP has in relation to the explosion and subsequent spill.

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