10 January 2020

Senior executive advisor forum launches in London

With senior executives making headlines, a forum for their advisors will be launched in London next month discussing legal and reputational issues for corporates.


A new multi-disciplinary forum for international advisers to senior executives and founders will be launched in London next month. The event, the first of its kind focused on senior executive issues, will see experts from across the world exchanging information on employment risk and regulatory management - including how executives behave in their personal lives. The event - Risk, Reward & Reputation Management Issues for Senior Executives & Founders and their Specialist Advisers  looks at  the key steps which senior executives and founders should consider taking in their personal and professional lives to de-risk themselves. A group of global experts will share the latest thinking on this key area for corporates and how they can protect the corporate brand when senior executives misbehave. 

Personal vs business

The event will also look at roles and risks including senior executive directorships and their implications; planning for management of their personal and business interests in the event of serious ill-health; de-risking in personal tax and succession planning; and managing personal investments to avoid reputational harm.  A panel of leading experts will consider the high-level issues for senior executives and founders in this area relating to planning, insurances, lasting powers of attorney, wills, holding directorships, owning crypto-assets and managing risk associated with secondary roles, such as charity trusteeships.

Wrongdoing and rebuilding brands

In the light of recent media coverage,  experts will give a live reconstruction of a cross-border investigation into alleged international senior executive wrongdoing from an international employment, regulatory, criminal and PR perspective.The event will also look at how can a senior executive can rebuild their reputation after facing public allegations of wrongdoing or in a crisis. Founder Clare Murray of employment boutique CM Murray has brought together 55 global experts for this inaugural event which will be hosted on 4 Feb at One Whitehall Place, London. For information on registration and attendance, click here.

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