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03 October 2014

UK legal regulator warns against BigLaw 'intimidation'

Large law firms are aggressively fighting disciplinary actions and employing the tactics used in white-collar enforcement cases, the Solicitors Regulation Authority has claimed.

Larger law firms are fighting aggressively to defend reputations EDHAR

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) claimed that larger law firms used tactics such as making freedom of information requests or complaining about staff  'to deflect resources' or stop regulators from taking action. It said that, whilst these were familiar tactics in the defence of white-collar enforcement action, they needed to be noted 'because of the resource implications, including the need not to be intimidated by respondents sometimes with more access to resource than the SRA, and the pressure upon staff.' They added that Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal cases were being expensively fought and funded by insurers. 

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