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20 July 2015

US privacy body starts talks on drone rules at Obama behest

Talks on the privacy aspects of drones will start in two weeks time, following a request received by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration from President Obama, sent by him a fortnight after a drone crashed by the White House.

President Obama is focusing on privacy issues after a drone crashed into the White House dibrova

The agency, the NTIA, has been formally instructed by the President to begin a 'multi-stakeholder engagement process to develop a framework regarding privacy, accountability, and transparency for commercial and private UAS [Unmanned Aerial System] use'. As a result, a series of meetings is due to start on 3 August, according to Angela Simpson, deputy assistant secretary for communications and information. The NTIA has already received 50 comments. Ms Simpson said in a blog: 'We expect this process to bring together a wide range of stakeholders, including industry, civil society and academia. The group will craft best practices that can help guide commercial and private UAS operators.' 


Privacy is one of the main themes of the newly-launched Robotics Law Journal. In the next issue, there is an interview with the Information Commissioner's Office in the UK. Further details are available at Robotics Law Journal. If you would like free access to a copy of the first issue, please email the editor at: neasamacerlean@globalcitymedia.com. Source: NTIA

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