09 July 2012

Quitting our dream jobs - The Beatles edition

Nandii Reywal at the Legally India blog has come up with a novel way of describing why many leave their supposed 'dream' jobs in the legal profession by using the medium of Beatles' songs.

Lawyers more popular than The Beatles ... Nah

First up is Eight Days a Week, which, it is suggested, is the main reason for lawyers bailing out. Although most good law firms pay associates good money, the ‘ludicrous billable hour targets that determine bonus eligibility’ causes many to assess their options.
There is no better way to gauge success than money, argues Mr Reywal, so some associates may leave for better pay – which takes him to his second song choice, Money (That’s What I Want).
Strawberry Fields Forever may seem an odd choice, but with every intern wanting to make it to the top of their firms, ‘even the brightest amongst us will suffer when things get sticky at the office,’ says Mr Reywal.
Location is of utmost importance, which leads to When I Get Home. ‘It’s notoriously hard for some people to find a city where they are happy living and working,’ says Mr Reywal.
Finally, Don’t Ever Change. Simply put, some associates were never interested in being lawyers anyway.

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