05 June 2013

GC given rough time over golf outings

The general counsel of Colorado's Roaring Fork Transportation Authority has landed in deep water after charging expenses relating to golf outings on a company credit card when he was scheduled to attend professional meetings.

By James Barnes

Colorado GC caught out

The transportation agency fired the lawyer last year who was then criminally charged after Roaring Fork reported him to authorities, reports the ABA Journal.

Plea agreement

Mr Matthews last week pleaded guilty to one count of felony theft and one count of misdemeanour theft under a deferred adjudication plea agreement, which will leave him without a felony conviction on his record if he satisfies the conditions of his sentence, which will be determined next month.
According to the report, Mr Matthews has already paid full restitution of over $30,000, leading Deputy District Attorney Anne Norrkin to ask that he is given a sentence that includes no jail time.

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