28 August 2019

Whistleblower centre promises top legal access

Illinois corporate whistleblower centre warnings over workplace sexual assault as it appeals to any woman in healthcare who is a victim and offers access to national legal experise.


The centre has asked women to call them anytime for direct access to some of the nation's top lawyers for compensation results.

Expert advice

The Illinois Corporate Whistleblower Center full statement says, “When it comes to a victim of workplace sexual assault-silence is not always golden-especially in Chicago or anywhere in Illinois. We want to help a person who is a victim of a workplace sexual assault get protection and hopefully significant compensation. Sexual assault includes inappropriate touching and we think this is a real big problem in all types of workplaces-including healthcare. If you are a RN, a LPN, a CNA, or a healthcare manager and a medical doctor or a healthcare manager has touched you in an inappropriate way-or worse please call us anytime at 866-714-6466.” The centre says, “We want to provide a victim of a sexual assault anywhere in Chicago or Illinois with direct access to some of the nation's leading legal experts when it comes to compensation for sexual assault. In some instances-women in healthcare would warn their coworkers about a rouge doctor or healthcare manager-without ever mentioning they had been sexually assaulted by that person. If this is-you, please call us anytime at 866-714-6466. We want to help you-and the call will be confidential."

Not one-time event

The Illinois Corporate Whistleblower Center believes that in many cases a woman who has been victimized in the workplace have not told anyone about the sexual assault for fear of losing their job and possible future employment opportunities-and ruining personal and professional relationships. Based on their experience, sexual assault happens even when the woman says no, and frequently it is not a one-time event. Even more insulting frequently women like this frequently lose their job-or they get fired. The Illinois Corporate Whistleblower Center fears-the majority of victims who have been forced to endure a sexual assault at work never say anything about it or they conceal their ordeal out of fear it could ruin their life. The centre stresses, “As mentioned, we have a team of amazing sexual assault attorneys to help you and we want to emphasize what happened to you was wrong.” The centre can be contacted here.

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