Women and Diversity in Law Awards 2024

It is the perfect time to recognise – and celebrate – the achievements of the people, teams and businesses helping to make the UK legal sector more diverse and inclusive.



Mar 2024

Hosted by The Global Legal Post, the Women and Diversity in Law Awards will take place in London in March 2024. They set out to say a big, collective ‘thank you’ to those who are dedicating their professional careers to moving the DE&I needle or using their positions of influence to help facilitate change. We will showcase the role models who are inspiring people from under-represented groups and the initiatives that are making a difference. In so doing we will also provide a forum for the sharing of ideas and best practice.

Guiding us through the awards process will be a judging panel made up of recognised experts, campaigners and leaders. Click here for a list of the 2023 judges.

We welcome partnerships with not-for-profit organisations focused on DE&I within the legal profession. To put your group forward email jasmindersoor@globallegalpost.com.