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27 January 2015

Dentons Dacheng announce merger across 120 offices

The 6,500 lawyer combination, making the firm the largest by headcount in the world, comes with some surprises - the use of Chinese script in the Dachung side of the name and the decision to have 'no one global headquarters'.

By Neasa MacErlean

The mega merger of 2015 between Dentons and Dachung has been announced Vepar5

Peng Xuefeng, chair of the global board, said: 'This combination between the premier law firms of China and the West is truly the first of its kind. Our new firm will serve as a highly integrated platform for efficient legal services, and build bridges that facilitate cooperation and exchange for Chinese and Western clients alike. We will help our clients navigate the most complex legal and business environments worldwide, providing unique professional legal services. Together, we are taking an unprecedented step forward in our profession--a ground-breaking milestone in the history of international law firms.'

Sprawling enterprise

Dacheng has been described as' a sprawling enterprise without much consistency from office to office', according to sino-us.com. The article points out that the 23-year-old firm has added thousands of lawyers since 2003 by absorbing law firms around mainland China and expanding existing offices.  Lili Jian, the China general counsel for chocolate maker Ferrero SpA, told the website that the  merger could be appealing if the firms are able to truly join forces. 'If they can well integrate, then I believe they are well positioned to combine the strengths of both an international law firm and the Chinese firm.' Source: Dentons and BusinessWire

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