03 June 2013

Dotcom wins access to seized data

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has secured a High Court ruling in New Zealand ordering police to return material seized in a raid last year that has been deemed irrelevant to his piracy case.

By James Barnes

Auckland: extradition hearing set for August

Chief High Court judge Helen Winkelmann also said police would have to pay for the process of determining the relevance of all material, reports New Zealand’s 3 News.
Police are now working with crown lawyers to determine how to proceed but have stated that the court ruling means Mr Dotcom will have to hand over passwords which have protected some of the 130 computers and hard drives seized in the Coatesville raid.

Piracy charges

Mr Dotcom - a 38-year-old German also known as Kim Schmitz – is currently fighting the US government's case to extradite him from New Zealand on copyright piracy charges relating to his Megaupload website
The extradition hearing, which has been delayed several times, is scheduled to get under way in Auckland District Court in August.

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