02 July 2013

Healthcare giant GSK in Chinese bribery mystery

Global healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline's Chinese offices have been raided by police after an anonymous whistleblower accused sales staff of bribery, according to reports.

By Julia Duke

The police investigation includes offices in Shanghai, Beijing and Changsha in which all cases are related to ‘economic crimes’, Xinhua the state news agency reported.
The preliminary steps involved authorities detaining the drug company’s staff members and seizing account information to address the 2004-2010 claims. The accusations stated that sales staff allegedly would do just about anything to get doctors to prescribe their medicines.
According to the Wall Street Journal, the staff allegedly offered inflated fees, expensive dinners and paid for trips -  as long as the doctor used the company’s products.  
The Times reported that, as of now, no evidence of wrongdoing has been discovered and the China offices are still open.

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