28 March 2013

Top lawyer slams football finance proposal

A leading sports lawyer has claimed that a plan by football's European administrative body to introduce Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations would not stand up to a legal challenge.

By James Barnes

Financial Fair Play tactics questioned

Jean-Louis Dupont , the lawyer who helped win the landmark Bosman Ruling concerning freedom of movement for players, said that the proposals may create collusion and therefore be a violation of EU competition law.
Uefa’s regulations come into affect in the 2013-14 season and are designed to ensure clubs live within their means financially, reports the BBC.

'Stable business models'

Mr Dupont said: ‘Uefa would need to convince the EU's judges in Luxembourg that FFP is the least restrictive means of achieving its aims. This seems unlikely.’
However Uefa contended that FFP will stimulate competition rather than stifle it. A spokesman said: ‘Investors should be attracted if club football is more sustainable and those clubs with sustainable and stable business models will be in a position to become more competitive.’

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