02 Jul 2012

Cost of justice too high, says South Australia's top judge

Chris Kourakis, South Australia's recently-appointed Chief Justice, has singled out the cost of justice as the biggest problem with the jurisdiction's legal system.

Adelaide: South Australia's Supreme Court confirms top appointment

Mr Kourakis -- whose appointment was confirmed at a special sitting of the Supreme Court in Adelaide -- said the court's resources and information technology systems are in desperate need of upgrading, according to ABC News Australia.
‘We have to be innovative and we've got to implement changes,’ he said. ‘As far as I'm concerned there's no procedure, no matter how old it is and how much we've stuck to it in the past, that shouldn't be reviewed and looked at to achieve that aim of reducing the cost of justice.’
The appointment of Mr Kourakis to the state’s highest judicial position has been welcomed by South Australia’s Attorney General John Rau, who told Radio Australia: ‘It's a real appointment on merit. I don't think there is a single respectable person in the legal profession who would say that Chris Kourakis wasn't an outstanding judge.’