25 May 2012

Legal services outsourcer bags new GC

Global legal process outsourcing company Clutch Group has appointed Brian Flack to take over the reigns as general counsel and vice president of client services at the firm's Washington DC office.

Mr Flack – who will be responsible for managing all aspects of Clutch Group’s legal, risk, compliance and review strategy – was previously senior counsel and global practice head of the litigation and investigation practice at CPA Global. He also served as a partner at Washington DC office of Baltimore-founded law firm Venable for nine years.
‘My extensive litigation experience has afforded me the opportunity to advise many companies facing unique challenges, and to leverage technology to meet today’s case management demands,’ said Mr Flack. ‘Clutch Group focuses on each client’s individualised needs, bringing a business-practice perspective that results in customised solutions that are effective and cost-efficient. I’m excited to be part of such a dynamic, fast-growing organisation.’