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12 July 2017 at 11:24 BST

Singapore launches plan to boost legal tech and educate lawyers

A new programme has been announced in Singapore in efforts to bring lawyers, legal tech firms and innovators together.


The Future Law Innovation Programme (Flip) will provide a co-working space called Collision 8 across the road from the Supreme Court to encourage legal innovation, a virtual community platform and a start-up accelerator. A free online platform called the Virtual Community Platform allows lawyers to try out new technology tools and collaborate with other stakeholders such as in-house counsel, academics and students.

Legal tech accelerator

Flip, which is set to go live as a two-year pilot programme at the end of the year, will also help legal tech start-ups and provide an accelerator programme with access to investors. It is hoped that 40 companies and individuals will take part when the pilot kicks off. The move is part of Singapore’s Legal Technology Vision, a five-year road map for the sector revealed at the start of this year.


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