Influencer Marketing

25 Nov 2021 | Webinar

Luxury brands are invited to join our panel of experts as they explore the rise of influencer marketing. This relatively new channel of consumer engagement has revolutionised the marketing landscape whilst attracting significant levels of regulation.

This annual all-member gathering of LLA members will explore how the ESG movement is impacting the luxury sector. General counsel from different sectors will explain how ESG is affecting their businesses and how they are responding.

Wellness Roundtable

Feb 2022 | Virtual

This roundtable will explore best practice for promoting wellness within in-house legal teams, drawing on the experiences of all the participants. The discussion will be led by Michael Ellis, general counsel, Abercrombie & Kent.

Nearly a third of legal departments globally are upping their spend on technology, with 44% increasing their use of tech tools, according to recent research. But with a bewildering array of products coming onto the market, how can GCs see the wood from the trees and set about prioritising their tech spend. This roundtable will be led by an experiences legal operations executive with a track record of precuring and implementing effective legaltech.

Privacy Roundtable

Mar 2022 | Virtual

The European GDPR regime has become the gold standard for privacy regulation across the world, with jurisdictions lining up to implement similar measures. As privacy rises up the agenda of luxury GCs, this roundtable will explore how companies in the sector are setting themselves to future proof their privacy compliance.

Cybersecurity Roundtable

May 2022 | Virtual

A recent study found that 78% of respondent companies had suffered a cyber attack over the past year with phishing attacks among the most prevalent types (34%). This practical roundtable will assess the main threats posed to luxury companies and how the sector is responding to them.

The Luxury Law Summit Europe 2022 brings together global luxury business leaders, general counsel and specialist legal teams to discuss the latest challenges and opportunities in the business of luxury.

The Anti-Counterfeiting World Law Summit convenes the globe’s most well-known counsel in a one-day programme with policymakers, government agencies, law enforcement and technology innovators to address the industry’s most pressing issues and emerging trends.

The programme includes leaders from a range of sectors including pharmaceuticals, medicine, drugs, food & beverage, automotive and
transport, technology, computing, telecoms, apparel, footwear and luxury goods, chemicals and materials, art/design, manufacturing and contractors to name but a few.

The Law Firm Marketing Summit

Oct 2022 | London

The Law Firm Marketing Summit has established itself as the leading forum in Europe for senior business development and marketing professionals in the legal industry. Once again, we will be offering the opportunity for you to hear from senior professionals responsible for delivering practical growth for their law firms,and leading consultants who will provide new perspectives on the challenges being faced and the potential solutions available.

Luxury Law Summit Americas 2022

08 Nov 2022 | New York

The Luxury Law Summit Americas brings together luxury brand owners, their general counsel and legal teams and specialist world-wide law firms to discuss the legal and business issues they face in the luxury sector with Luxury, Fashion and Technology underpinning this exciting and dynamic conference.