Law Over Borders Comparative Guides

The Law Over Borders comparative guides provide essential information on law and legal practice across the world in an easy-to-use digital format that allows readers to quickly compare the legal frameworks of different jurisdictions. Each guide is edited by a leading expert in their field, who works closely with our editors to select experts of comparable stature as authors of each chapter. That means readers do not only have access to the latest information on a jurisdiction they are researching, but also a legal expert or experts on hand to approach for follow-up advice.

If you are a leading expert in your jurisdiction and would like to discuss either editing or contributing to a guide please contact our series editor, Mary Heaney. Email or call +44 (0) 7772 563 409.

Family Asset Protection: Divorce, Finance and the Media

This first edition, written by leading family law and contentious trusts specialists from around the world, provides a highly practical and up-to-date jurisdictional comparison focusing on family asset protection issues in a divorce context on the topics of trusts, pre- and postnuptial agreements, financial disclosure, financial orders, enforcement and, uniquely in any international comparative guide, the extent to which the media can access private financial documentation and information disclosed in family proceedings and generally report on family law cases. | 3w



Anti-counterfeiting is a practical and comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how businesses can protect their brands from counterfeiting and the grey market. Legal experts outline the relevant law and enforcement measures in key jurisdictions around the world while industry experts provide advice about cross-border management and engaging with relevant authorities. In addition, the book outlines anti-counterfeiting issues relating to e-sports and emerging techniques utilizing current open source intelligence. | 11mos



Arbitration Law Over Borders Comparative Guide provides a comprehensive understanding of the current complexities of international arbitration across 16 jurisdictions. Written by expert practitioners, the guide covers all the key aspects of the arbitral process, including the requirements for validity of arbitral agreements, rules concerning the constitution of the arbitral tribunal, and available measures from local courts to assist the arbitral proceeding. It also provides detailed information on general procedural minimum requirements, rules for the validity of awards, availability of post-award proceedings, and enforcement of foreign awards, as well as applicable professional and ethical rules, and the approaches on third-party funding in each jurisdiction. This guide is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to navigate the intricacies of the practice of international arbitration. | 1mo


Artificial Intelligence

This first edition, written by leading AI legal specialists, provides answers and insight on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into business operations, whilst working within the relevant law and guidelines in key jurisdictions around the world. It also provides horizon-scanning guidance on how national AI laws and regulations are likely to develop in the future. | 8mos


Environmental, Social & Governance

This first edition, written by leading ESG legal specialists, provides an up-to-date jurisdictional comparison of the latest legal and regulatory developments, enforcement and litigation trends, and policy and non-legal drivers of the major ESG developments impacting businesses around the world. | 2mos


Fashion Law

Fashion Law is a comparative guide providing answers and insight into the law around the business of fashion in 18 jurisdictions around the world. Our experts provide guidance on areas such as the effective legal protection of brands, the rules around e-commerce and marketing as well as how to navigate sustainability guidelines. | 1yr


Luxury Law

Luxury Law is a comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how luxury businesses can protect their brands in a range of jurisdictions. Written by experts, topics include the protection of intellectual property using trademark, copyright or design, privacy, product placement and the protection of corporate image and reputation. | 1yr


Private Client

This first edition, written by leading Private Client legal specialists from around the world, provides a highly practical, up-to-date jurisdictional comparison of the latest tax and non-tax developments for the private client profession in the areas of tax, estate and personal planning, administration of planning structures and litigation as well as controversy involving high net worth families and their structuring. | 3mos


The New World of Foreign Direct Investment

Historic attitudes favouring globalisation are fundamentally changing. This trend will directly impact future foreign direct investment transactions as nations place higher priorities on protecting their own national security interests. This book offers practical advice and guidance from highly respected international law firms about what foreign investors can expect to encounter when investing in key jurisdictions. | 1mo


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