Darcy H. Kishida

Darcy H. Kishida

Darcy H. Kishida has been a practicing lawyer since 2001 and serves as a foreign attorney at Kojima Law Offices. Mr. Kishida is licensed to practice in Hawaii, New York and Washington, D.C., and is admitted in Japan as a Registered Foreign Lawyer (gaikokuho jimu bengoshi). His areas of practice include international business, corporate law, and employment law. Prior to joining Kojima Law Offices, Mr. Kishida worked in private practice in Honolulu, and served as a deputy attorney general for the State of Hawaii from 2007-2010.


The New World of Foreign Direct Investment | 1yr

Chapter: Japan

Historic attitudes favouring globalisation are fundamentally changing. This trend will directly impact future foreign direct investment transactions as nations place higher priorities on protecting their own national security interests. This book offers practical advice and guidance from highly resp...