Dr. Anton M. Ostler

Dr. Anton M. Ostler

Dr. Ostler has been practising law for over 30 years, after studying in Munich and London (LSE) and also passing an MBA exam, in German “Diplomkaufmann”. These two qualifications allow him to provide his clients not only excellent legal advice, but he also understands the economic needs and entrepreneurial cornerstones of his mandators. He is counsel to national and international corporations, especially real estate developers, the hospitality industry, airports, automotive and high tech market leaders. Amongst his long term clients are Munich Airport Corporation (FMG), Avery, Acer Computer and ThyssenKruppElevator, now known as TKE. He is well connected to lawyers all over the globe, being a member of Meritas legal network for more than 20 years.


The New World of Foreign Direct Investment | 1yr

Chapter: Germany

Historic attitudes favouring globalisation are fundamentally changing. This trend will directly impact future foreign direct investment transactions as nations place higher priorities on protecting their own national security interests. This book offers practical advice and guidance from highly resp...