George Tashev

George Tashev

George joined AGP in early 2021 as an Associate Lawyer after having worked at his own practice for 5 years. George handles multiple projects on different areas and practices of the firm, focusing on how to prioritize tasks that will bring best results for the firm’s clients. George being an associate at AGP has the diverse role of not only advising on legal issues but also being involved in the front end of the firm’s dealings. This involves communicating proficiently with clients and ensuring smooth completion of all cases. As a practicing lawyer, George established his own business dealing with clients from all around the world in a variety of matters, mostly, but not limited to the Corporate and Banking sector. This invaluable experience gave him the necessary skillset to become an agile legal professional able to handle different types of matters for clients with different backgrounds, effectively.


Luxury Law | 2yrs

Chapter: Cyprus

Luxury Law is a comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how luxury businesses can protect their brands in a range of jurisdictions. Written by experts, topics include the protection of intellectual property using trademark, copyright or design, privacy, product placement and the prote...