Matthew Lee

Matthew Lee

As Managing Partner at LexNovia, Matt combines a distinguished legal career with a rich background as a scientist, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. Armed with a PhD in computer-aided drug design, he began his IP career as a USPTO patent examiner before transitioning to private practice with premier law firms. With over 19 years of dedicated service, Matt excels in technology commercialization matters, offering comprehensive counsel on intellectual property facets. His expertise spans patent applications, trademark registrations, copyright, and trade secret protections. Beyond legal acumen, Matt leverages hands-on experience from launching and leading technology startups. Devoted to advancing innovative technologies that disrupt industrial sectors, he currently channels his passion into entrepreneurship law guiding fellow entrepreneurs to realize their visions.


Fashion Law | 4w

Chapter: Taiwan

Fashion Law is a comparative guide providing answers and insight into the law around the business of fashion in 20 jurisdictions around the world, with guidance on areas such as the effective legal protection of brands, the rules around e-commerce and marketing and how to navigate sustainability gui...