Nadine Reijnders - Wiersma

Nadine Reijnders - Wiersma

Nadine studied Civil Law and Information Law at the University of Amsterdam. During her studies, she was author of the biweekly Kluwer IP Patent Case Review newsletter. Nadine started her career as an attorney-at-law at and Amsterdam based IP boutique, where she worked mainly in the (pharmaceutical) patent litigation practice. As per September 2014, Nadine joined Vondst. She advises and litigates in the broad intel-lectual property practice, i.e. trademarks, designs, copyrights and patents.


Luxury Law | 2yrs

Chapter: Netherlands

Luxury Law is a comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how luxury businesses can protect their brands in a range of jurisdictions. Written by experts, topics include the protection of intellectual property using trademark, copyright or design, privacy, product placement and the prote...