Pravin Anand

Pravin Anand

Pravin Anand is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation at Anand and Anand. Awarded the INTA 2021 President's Award, AIPPI Award of Merit and recognised as the “Most Innovative Lawyer” for the Asia Pacific Region by Financial Times, Mr Anand has experience of appearing in more than 2500 cases in over 42 years of his practice as an IP lawyer. Some of the landmarks in his career include Patent lawsuits that transformed pharmaceutical and bio-technology enforcement regime in India including Merck vs. Glenmark; Roche vs. Cipla; the Monsanto case; and a large number of other suits on behalf of Pfizer, BMS, AstraZeneca, etc. He also has to his credit India’s first Anti-anti-suit injunction order (InterDigital v Xiaomi); Software Patent law suit conferring protection (Ferid Allani case); development of damages culture in large number of cases that recognized not only punitive, but compensatory, exemplary and aggravated damages (Philips Vs. AmazeStore); India’s first post-trial SEP judgment (Philips Vs. Bhagirathi); development of unique remedies such as the “Tree Planting Order” (Merck case); and order benefitting adolescent girls (Hermes case).


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