Rany Sader

Rany Sader

Rany Sader, scion of SADER Legal Publishing (established in 1863), serves as Chief Legal Innovation Officer. Co-founding SADER & Associates in 2003, he led as Managing Partner for 18 years, fostering modernity and innovation. With 25+ years of experience, he excels in representing international clients across fashion, technology, pharmaceuticals, and more. Holding certificates from Harvard, George Washington, and Northwestern Universities, Rany spearheads major LegalTech projects in Lebanon and the Middle East. As President of BPG Lebanon, he combats counterfeits and contributes to legal education as an NDU lecturer, solidifying his influential role in legal and business spheres.


Luxury Law | 4mos

Chapter: Lebanon

Luxury Law is a comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how luxury businesses can protect their brands in a range of jurisdictions. Written by experts, topics include the protection of intellectual property using trademark, copyright or design, privacy, new technology, product placeme...