Roy Kornick

Roy Kornick

Roy Kornick heads the Enforcement department of Gilat, Bareket & Co. of the Reinhold Cohn Group. He has extensive professional experience in the IP field, in particular with respect to the enforcement of IP rights (anti-counterfeiting). Roy and his team work in cooperation with state authorities, including the Customs Authorities and local police, to prevent the import and distribution of counterfeit goods in Israel and the Palestinian National Authority. With his vast experience, Roy diligently protects the clients’ IP rights and business interests. He has more than two decades of experience managing IP cases and representing prestigious rights owners, world-renowned organizations, and prominent Israeli companies. Roy’s main fields of expertise include Intellectual Property, litigation, enforcement of IP rights, protection against unfair competition, managing civil and criminal proceedings before the Israeli courts and authorities to address infringement of IP rights, issues relating to computer, Internet and commercial law, and litigation before the Registrar of Trademark, Patents and Designs.


Anti-counterfeiting | 2yrs

Chapter: Israel

Anti-counterfeiting is a practical and comprehensive guide providing answers and insight into how businesses can protect their brands from counterfeiting and the grey market. Legal experts outline the relevant law and enforcement measures in key jurisdictions around the world while industry experts ...