24 March 2017

Being a lawyer is a total bore

Lawyers and people employed in the legal sector are the most bored in the workplace with 8 out of 10 admitting they find their job a humdrum drudge.

Andriy Popov

Employment specialist Emolument has exposed the dullest day jobs after surveying 1,300 professionals from 14 different sectors. It found that those in the legal sector were without a doubt the most disenchanted with their lot which was considered to be mundane by the vast majority employed in the industry.

Employment survey

Not far behind, careers in project management and support were also among those ranked the most dreary followed by accounting, banking, engineering and sales. The least bored people surveyed though, were those working in education, executive management and research and development.

What a bore

Here’s the full list of the 10 most boring jobs in the world and the percentage of professionals in that sector that find it monotonous: Legal jobs (81%); project management (78%); support functions (71%); finance control (68%); consulting and accounting (67%); financial services and banking (67%); engineering (64%); sales (61%); marketing and communications (60%); IT (56%).

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