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Are global corporations under just a moral obligation rather than a legal duty to behave responsibly around the world? Reuben Guttman makes the case for both

English defamation law obsesses the rest of the world. And for good reason - dealing with on-line libels is becoming increasingly relevant for businesses of all sizes. Barry Fishley reports

Britain's public procurement processes are in a degree of chaos following yesterday's climb-down over the West Coast rail franchise, potentially damaging the country's ability to lure foreign investment. Martin Vincent looks at the detail

The International Bar Association has a well-deserved reputation for partying hard at its annual bash, but, says Reuben Guttman, its multinational delegates also tackle crucial issues of legal practice around the world

Puckering up

Whether to blow or not to blow - that intriguing issue triggered heated debate at a session on criminal fraud and the global economic recession at this week's International Bar Association annual meeting, reports Reuben Guttman

The US President wins some heavyweight economic support as Reuben Guttman sees the curtain rise on the International Bar Association's annual gathering in Dublin

Steven Friel looks at the latest anti-American controversy in the Muslim world and ponders how it will impact on a ground-breaking conference on Middle East and North Africa regional development

Americans tend adopt the same approach to the US presidential elections as they do to the Super Bowl - viewing it as an entertaining clash of titans. But, argues Reuben Guttman, the political, legal and social implications are far more important

A year ago Kate Middleton luxuriated in the sound of pealing bells and a flowing wedding frock; now the Duchess of Cambridge - wearing slightly less - is battling the media in an unprecedented style for the British royal family

Reuben Guttman is on the trail of Obama for the next three days with an on the spot report from the Democratic National Convention.

Law firms across the world are facing a major challenge as the market changes. Dr George Beaton in his first 'Business of Law' blog discusses the options for staying in business.

The use of litigation funding in the UK is growing. However, compared to Australia, where it all started, third party funding is in its infancy in the UK and there is much misinformation about its use, says Nick Rowles-Davies

Women lawyers mentoring women lawyers is a no-brainer. But it rarely happens, says Debra Forman