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Supreme Court litigation funding judgment threatens viability of collective claims

Surprise ruling on funding arrangements particularly throws competition claims into doubt

Court of Appeal revives £2.7bn FX litigation in boost to UK collective action regime

Appellate court overrules Competition Appeal Tribunal by approving class on opt-out basis

‘Robot wars’ ceasefire as AutoStore agrees to pay Ocado $250m

Success for Ocado’s global litigation strategy advisers Powell Gilbert as agreement reached over robotic technology patent dispute

  • 6mos

US Appeals court reverses USPTO decision to invalidate five CRISPR patents

Five patents relating to groundbreaking gene editing technology cannot be quashed by interference proceedings used in previous US patent system

  • 7mos

Barclays succeeds in major UK Supreme Court bank transfer fraud decision

Banks breathe sigh of relief as apex court hands down bank transfer fraud ruling in their favour

  • 7mos

Writer and performer Sarah Silverman joins class action lawsuits against OpenAI and Meta

Creators of ChatGPT face a spate of copyright infringement lawsuits

  • 7mos

SCOTUS curtails foreign reach of US trademark law in surprise ruling

Some 70 years of jurisprudence ‘effectively overruled’ as proving infringing and counterfeiting acts abroad becomes harder

  • 7mos
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Long-running SkyKick bad faith trademark dispute with Sky arrives at UK Supreme Court

Victory for SkyKick would spark rethink among trademark applicants leading to narrower specifications, reports Maura O'Malley

  • 7mos

Bills aim to shake up US patent law

Legislation to tackle uncertainty surrounding what is patent-eligible subject matter and reforming the USPTO’s post grant review process was introduced last week in the US senate

  • 7mos

Batman logo fights off trademark invalidity action at EU’s General Court

Caped crusader emerges victorious after dispute with Italian designer at Luxembourg court

Ed Sheeran copyright dispute underscores fine line between using generic elements and copying

UK courts won’t allow artists to monopolise common musical elements, but musicians must still be careful not to infringe earlier works, write Ashfords lawyers Carl Steele and Chris Fotheringham

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