Bar Council chief says 30pc of lawyers in India are fake

Bar Council of India (BCI) chairman Manan Kumar Mishra has made the shocking statement that 30 per cent of all lawyers in India hold fraudulent law degrees.

Speaking at Lawyers Meet-2015, organised by BCI to discuss public litigation policy, access to justice and environmental laws, Mr Mishra expressed concern that thousands of fake law certificates are being issued and thousands of lawyers without proper degrees are practising in courts and tribunals. He blamed such lawyers for degrading the profession and causing strikes and boycotts in various courts for petty and frivolous issues. He also said that the council, which is statutorily empowered to discipline errant lawyers and take action against them, has embarked upon the first ever certificate verification exercise. Every enrolled member's credentials and documents submitted are being verified. 

Former judge of the Madras high court Justice K Chandru said it will be a colossal amount of work to verify all testimonials of all advocates, as mushrooming professional colleges have made verifying academic qualifications of practising professionals such as lawyers difficult.

National Law Colleges

Mr Mishra also stated that BCI's next target will be establishing National Law Colleges, which will boast of quality better than any of the 1,000-odd law schools in the country. ‘By the year-end, we will establish them in all parts of the country,’ he said. Source: The Times of India

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