Bar head says law associations need to use social media

Lawyers need to be switched on to social media, and that includes bar associations, the new head of the Cincinaati bar says.


The new head of the Cincinnati Bar Association has said that legal associations must embrace social media. Dinsmore & Shohl partner Eric Combs,  a former lead trial attorney for Procter & Gamble was sworn in as President on 8th May. He said it was key for associations to communicate online. 

Value proposition

'If you want to be an association and part of your value proposition is to be a place where lawyers gather and share information and communicate professionally and even socially, the means of communication these days aren’t necessarily meeting up at the Bar Association and shaking hands and going to CLE or a happy hour. People are communicating online, and we need to get engaged in that so when those conversations happen, we’re a potential venue for those conversations and we’re aware that they’re going on, he told

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