Belfast firm Cleaver Fulton Rankin sets up new human resource business

Cleaver Fulton Rankin is planning to offer human resources consultancy with more complex legal employment advice.

Leonid Andronov

The Belfast firm has expanded its employment department by adding HR consultancy to its range of market-leading services.According to Cleaver Fulton Rankin Director Michael Black the launch of the new expanded service is a direct response to Northern Ireland businesses and organisations who want a ‘one-stop shop’ provider of HR consultancy and legal employment advice. “Because of our partnership approach with clients, we found that when they come to us with legal employment issues, we’ve often been able to assist with more traditional Human Resource Management tasks as they arise.  We’ve also seen growth in the HR consultancy sector, with an increased promise of legal expertise which regrettably often can’t be delivered.

Managing redundancy

CFR HR will manage redundancy and restructuring situations, carry out health checks on policies and procedures to minimise risk and exposure to problems down the line and carry out investigation work and manage disciplinary processes.

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