Campaigners seek justice for Magnitsky in Norway

Campaigners, including colleagues of deceased lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, are pressing for an investigation to be begun in Norway to discover how he came to die in detention in Russia in 2009.

Campaigners are pressing for an investigation to be begun in Norway. Vlada Z

Norway can open proceedings as it allows human rights cases to be taken even if the individuals involved are based outside Norway. Magnitsky, who worked for Hermitage Capital, once the largest foreign investor in Russia, claimed that frauds were being perpetrated by Russian officials and that they were using the shell of Hermitage as a vehicle. He was then arrested, charged with tax evasion, was allegedly tortured, died in custody and was found guilty of tax evasion after his death. 


Presenting a request to prosecutors in Oslo, Bill Browder of Hermitage said: ‘We decided that if we couldn’t get justice [for Magnitsky] inside Russia, we should try to get justice outside Russia.’ Source: Financial Times

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